Thousands of non-profits serve the State of Connecticut alone, each of them addressing charitable causes such as providing shelters for the homeless, after school programs for at-risk youth, or helping urban families fight predatory lending. Without capital gains to themselves, non-profits save lives, build confidence, and motivate better futures for our often most vulnerable citizens. The government recognizes non-profits by providing tax benefits and grant funding. Private foundations and corporations do the same, often providing funding exclusively for non-profits.

Unfortunately, staff and volunteers at non-profits often don’t know where to go to get the funds. Applying for grants takes know how and benefactors at non-profits usually have their hands full helping those in need. At Lisa Low & Associates, we are experienced in raising funds for non-profits and are dedicated to helping you find the resources that will make your non-profit thrive. Best of all: we often work on contingency, with no cost to you unless we get the grant.